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Investments in oil production

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We are happy to provide you with a Live Chat system so that you can express your opinion and share information with other investors. We want our community to be a friendly and hospitable place for everyone. We have a small team of administrators who will answer all your comments.

The last deposits of investors

Wrathfury 110.00 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
Tautaxe 170.00 USD2018.15.08Payeer
torLoki 140.00 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
Vapanped 110.00 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Tygrasius 150.00 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
Mulsa 180.00 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Harvey 130.00 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Auriwyn 160.00 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Thetage 140.00 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Kuladar 190.00 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Vikus 90.00 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Chek 130.00 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Meapek 190.00 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
USA_amer 50.00 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
Analv 150.00 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Adriehelm 190.00 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Ferelles 150.00 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Taekket 180.00 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Rexbrew 70.00 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Luke 130.00 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash

Latest payments on profit

Agamamath85.05 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Analv8.39 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
Diananrad71.43 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
Moralanim38.12 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
Felhanara117.27 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Huginis38.46 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
Harvey25.94 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Vapelkamu45.21 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Agath90.17 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Ronnie66.72 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Navepek126.30 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Reggie79.86 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Thetage61.68 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Adrielv55.19 USD2018.15.08PerfectMoney
Bular122.21 USD2018.15.08AdvancedCash
Moogugrel60.10 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Rexbrew35.70 USD2018.15.08Payeer
profBitcoin37.95 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Grihuginn138.31 USD2018.15.08Payeer
Mudal109.69 USD2018.15.08Payeer