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Oil500 Corporation Latest News

Oil500 opened for Turkey

Jun 19, 2018 13:59

statWe are pleased to announce that the project Oil500 daily expands the geography of its users. We have repeatedly recorded the active participation of Turkish investors in our project. That's why from today on the site https://oil500.net/ the Turkish version works. Now all Turkish investors can invest on the site, actively attract referrals and increase their capital.

Information for investors and partners

Jun 15, 2018 08:59

chinese websiteWe are actively advertised in many countries of the world through such advertising systems as Google Adwords, Yandex and other search engines, we also have powerful teaser advertising, which gives us the opportunity to be advertised on thousands of popular websites in many countries.

Advertising in social networks we leave for active users who want to receive a small passive income. To encourage such advertising, we have a special Bonus Fund. You have already made sure that our published press releases and articles give a huge resonance and attract a large flow of new investors to our company. For example, an article about our company on the website http://publishernews.ru/ has already scored 43412 views and this figure is growing daily.

We are focused on wealthy investors, but we will be happy to start investors. Also, we invite authors of blogs, monitors of monitor sites to join us and help to earn a decent income to their investors. You can share your opinion in our live chat, the chat is specially created, so that the business is open and honest.

We need your advice, we select the base of active partners for the purchase of advertising on radio in many countries, we will be glad to cooperate! And also, you can become a moderator in our Live chat.

Another great news! Soon our site will be translated into Turkish, this will allow Turkish investors to invest actively in our project.

We are waiting for your suggestions, with respect to the administration of Oil500 Corp.

What are bonuses?

Jun 14, 2018 21:13

chinese websiteBonuses are when a company pays its customers for certain services.

In this case, we decided to pay a special advertising fund bonus for your recommendation of our site and referral payment for those who invite investors to our company. We consider that the referral payment - $ 5 from the 50$ deposit from investor you invited - is a worthy reward!

On average per day we pay about $ 3,600 only referrals from their own bonuses.

We were quite satisfied with this amount and we were ready to make payments even further. But they began to receive data that your invited people delete links in their accounts on social networks. Please contact your invited investors and clarify why they did so and deprive you of additional income.

From 7:00 am on June 14, 1818 we suspended the payments of referrals from our own bonuses.

You can continue to advertise us on social networks and receive bonuses. For those who have removed the repost from their accounts on social networks, the bonuses will be canceled and you will not be able to retrieve them again. We have 3 new FUNCTIONS foreseen, let us keep the details secret for now ... We continue to lavishly encourage honest and active partners and investors.

Now Oil500.net is available in Chinese

Jun 14, 2018 03:38

chinese websiteWe are pleased to announce that the Chinese version of the site is already available to users.

Now, visitors to our site from China will be able to use all the opportunities of the site and personal investment cabinet, safely invest and increase their capital with Oil500.

Chinese version of the site Oil500.net

Jun 11, 2018 03:28

opening an oil investment projectThe analytical department of Oil500 Corporation in the last report on the visit of the site oil500.net noted a significant increase in the Chinese audience among visitors to the site.

In connection with the data received, the corporation management decided to immediately create a Chinese version of the site.

Already this month, visitors will be able to assess the convenience of using the site not only in Russian and English but also in the Chinese version of the site. We will notify you when the Chinese version of the site launches its work.

$ 50 bonus for repost on Facebook

Jun 8, 2018 05:38

Facebook ShareWe are glad to inform you that the system already works on getting bonuses for reposts in social networks.

Once you share information about us in the social network Facebook, you will be credited with $ 50 bonus.

You can immediately receive a monthly income without investments. After 365 days, you can easily withdraw this amount to your electronic wallet. The link for repost and all the additional information you will find in your account after registration.

Yours first investment

May 28, 2018 19:37

opening an oil investment projectObviously, your first investment will depend on your financial situation. Nevertheless, we believe that for the majority of people the first investment (in addition to investing in themselves through reading a lot of books, blogs and forums) should be reliable and ensure the receipt of income. Investing in oil, gas, oil production can become your main profitable investment. Now we provide an opportunity to invest in oil, gas and oil production not only from our office, but also through our new site oil500.net. You can invest and make a profit from anywhere in the world.